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The Italian version is the one to keep as a correct reference.

but read the instructions in full,
You will avoid problems and nights to remedy.

during criticism / exams:

if the file does not take into account the indications on the WHAT NOT TO DO page
the order will be canceled.

How to create the files

Follow these simple instructions to the letter, you will receive your pieces asap.

how to order?

There are a few simple steps to follow .. then we’ll take care of it, you’ll have one less thought..

Some examples & prices

on this page you can see some examples and get an idea of how to create the files and the related times / prices.


Frequent questions

Some of the questions we receive most frequently


 AT HOME (Everything faster)
Materials for areas 58x38cm and 66x46cm

for area 97x67cm> material min. 100x70cm
for areas 117x77cm> material 120x80cm


SOME INFO ON THE FLY, for those who have already read the instructions but do not remember that thing ..


All cuts up to 15min. all at Fr 29.- then Fr 1.95 per minute for REAL cutting time >> More info

Cutting areas:
>   58×38 cm
>   66×46 cm
>   97×67 cm  new!
> 117x77cm  new!

Materials in the house:
only for cutting areas:
– 58x38cm & 66x48cm

for other areas
you have to bring your own material. Check in the Materials menu.


Cutting / engraving colors:
Red R.G.B
255, 0.0

Blue R.G.B
0, 0, 255



File format:
DWG and and a copy in PDF

keep a couple of mm away from the black edge of the cutting area

Your Material:
you can bring your own material too, but cut ready like our materials. (lose the queue position until we have everything)

Thicknesses ?:
we cut cards up to 3mm (4mm vegetable) and up to 6mm for MDF

Cutting time:
remember: the thicker the material or the more detailed the file, the longer the cutting time.

During the criticisms on request / availability we are open after hours also on Saturday and Sunday.


Is it possible to cut also on Saturday and Sunday?
We laser cut every day, Saturday and Sunday, out of hours, during the holidays, upon agreement / availability write to the number Whatsapp +41786285466

What times do you do?

During the examination / criticism periods we are also available after hours, without supplements, upon availability / request.
Write for availability / appointment directly in WhatsApp at +41 78 628 54 66 – For the rest of the year from Mon-Fri, from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 18:30

I have sent the order, when does my cut start?
As soon as you submit your order on the site, you automatically acquire a position in the queue. As soon as we open your files and prepare the cut, we always and immediately contact you via whatsapp to inform you. We work hard to optimize every single second so that you can receive your pieces as soon as possible, we ask you, if possible, not to continue writing to inform us that you have sent the order, even if out of kindness and we thank you (we always see it) or to ask us for the position in the queue or how much is missing at the end, every tot (for this we have developed STATO STAGLIO), since this unfortunately means that to verify and answer we take even more time. Here more info to understand the timing, especially in the criticisms

Price / how much does it cost to cut?
Our basic rate is Fr 29.- and includes all laser cuts (real time) up to 15 minutes. So all the small cuts that fall within this time, fall within this rate. After the first 15 minutes, our cut-off rate is Fr 1.95 per minute. These prices include the cost of the machine, filters, electricity, electricity, maintenance and an expert operator who personally takes care of your cuts and all this system and tools that allow you to have the pieces ordered in the shortest possible time and in the simplest way possible. The price is therefore calculated for the real time per minute used by the machine, by real we mean that all the dead times of stop are not counted to prepare the pieces in an orderly way, the unloading and loading of the tables, various checks etc., you pay only for the real time in which the laser beam is active. Not a penny more. On this point we are completely transparent, having created a tool that allows the customer to check the status of the cut in real time, table by table, with the counts of how many minutes each single table took, so as to have extremely precise and real control. .

1. PRECISION, 2 SPEED, 3 PRICE. We prefer to deliver boards cut in an accurate and precise way, with machine settings always oriented to have the maximum speed / price possible BUT maintaining quality and precision. A cut that takes less time, which has a lower price (as others do) at the expense of precision and quality makes no sense to us. We are not the place for those looking for exclusive convenience at the expense of precision and quality.

Do you make estimates?
Unfortunately, we do not normally make estimates because the price is calculated on the basis of the real time per minute used by the machine at the end of each table. If you want to get an idea we have created a page with examples here, however the time taken is influenced by various factors, some for example: the type of material, whether it is softer or harder, depending on the thickness of the material, how the file is created, the number of details in the file, the number of jumps from one element to another, or if there are double lines, how many elements the file contains (for each laser jump from one point to another without cutting, it also takes time and varies according to the number of elements) if the material “embarks” or moves by arching, changing the focal length and no longer being cut correctly .. etc. etc. In addition to the motifs explained above, it is not possible for us to make estimates especially in periods of high turnout such as criticism, in which we do not have the physical time to open the files and make an estimate that would in any case be inaccurate and therefore useless. You could still try to ask, in some cases (not in the days of criticism) maybe we could give a rough idea .. However, as explained in the point above where we talk about the price, we offer maximum transparency with a tool that allows the customer to check in real time the status of the cut, board by board, with the counts of how many minutes each single board took, so as to have extremely precise, real and honest control.

Waiting queue, how long should I wait in criticism?
Although we generally manage to deliver the same day or the next, even at absurd times. It is very difficult for us, especially in periods of high turnout as in criticisms, to be able to give precise delivery times for your order. But know that in recent years we have taken to extremes and refined our working method to be as precise and fast as possible. Since you submit your order through our site, it is automatically placed in the production queue, if for example we are making cuts of another student who ordered long before you, after this student there are 8 other students and .. then there is you, we cannot give you a precise estimate of when your cut will start, since we have not yet had the opportunity to see the files of the other 8 before you and we do not know if among these 8 maybe there is one who has to cut many pieces and therefore takes much longer than expected. One of the safest methods to facilitate the task of making your cuts in the shortest possible time is surely to create the file strictly following the instructions, all delays and hitches are caused by incomplete and inaccurate files. An inaccurate file causes the order to be canceled or the priority in your queue position lost, slipping to the next one or until you supply us with a file created with the precise specifications required. Read the instructions carefully and look at the examples, we know the rush and unfortunately it causes errors and therefore further waiting.