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Panic, you don’t have time, you are in a hurry, criticism/exams, you haven’t slept! We know it..
for this we emphasize the importance of carefully reading the following passages, to the end.
You don’t want to have extra nights to make up for it, do you?

1) Size of cutting areas.

In a new workspace, create a rectangle with a black border measuring 58x38cm (base area). If the pieces you need to cut are larger, you can use the larger cutting areas available (with supplement): 66x46cm (+ Fr 14.90), 97x67cm (+ Fr 19.90), 117x77cm (+ Fr 24.90). The supplement is applied only once and is valid for the entire order. For example: if you choose the 66x46cm area it covers all the minor ones, so you can layout both in 58x38cm and 66x46cm the same goes for larger sizes.

2) Fill the board with the pieces ..

Insert inside the rectangle just created, all the pieces to be cut / engraved, take advantage of every space. The pieces can also be very close or attached .. (do not attach the pieces to the black border) we recommend reading: what not to do.

RED = cut, BLU = engrave.

3) important: write this info ..

Above each rectangle with black border, it always reports: size used (between available cutting areas 58x38cm, 66x46cm, 97x67cm, 117x77cm).
material and type (card + color) material thickness. The rectangles should not be created of 60x40cm, 68x48cm, 100x70cm, 120x80cm (which are the measures of the table, but of the measures of the CUTTING AREA described above!



4) More pieces, more materials and thicknesses?

No problem, (don’t forget the info in point 3), fill and create the necessary rectangles to contain your pieces, (each rectangle represents a board / material / thickness). Note: if a board is identical more than once, insert “x2” in the comment and we will cut it twice, this speeds up operations a lot.

5) Bigger pieces?

Here too no problem, if the 58x38cm base is not enough, use the larger ones (always remember point 3!). When you load the file from the START CUT page (in the top menu) choose the additional option with the largest area you used. (in the image above you should choose for example the support area 117x77cm) Attention: for the areas 97x67cm and 117x77cm the material must be brought by you. (if you choose 97x67cm> material must be 100x70cm, if you choose 117x77cm> material must be 120x80cm)

SCARICA ESEMPIO DWG (in archivio zip)

6) FILE with all the tables

Save in DWG format and a copy in PDF, (in case of problems with the dwg, the pdf helps us to solve it right away). In the same file on a single page therefore, there will be all the different tables, different sizes, etc. The PDF must have the same pieces as the DWG, on one page !. (do not create multiple files for different tables and do not add files of different tables to the cart, do not create pdfs with multiple pages and without info on the tables. Simple: all in a dwg file and an exact copy in pdf)

7) NOTE: Materials available

For the 58x38cm and 66x46cm areas we have almost all the materials in the house (you can check the MATERIALS section), layout in these dimensions you will not have to bring your material and everything will be handled extremely quickly.

8) NOTE: Materials NOT available

We do not have materials in the house for the 97x67cm and 117x77cm cutting areas. For these areas it is necessary to bring your material, cut ready as in the dimensions indicated in the image above and below.
(area 97x67cm> material min.100x70cm)
(area 117x77cm> material min / max. 120x80cm)


If you provide a correct, accurate and precise file and use the 58x38cm / 66x46cm areas, (being able to use the materials at home and not having to wait) we will be able to carry out the whole process in the most rapid and efficient way.


It is extremely important that the rectangle of the cutting area of each board is drawn accurate to the mm. Always check that it is accurate, otherwise the order causes extreme delay. directly losing queue priority.


For example, avoid writing simply “cardboard” because we do not know if it must be gray, brown, vegetable, white etc.
Each missing note is a hitch in the execution of the order with consequent loss of position in the queue.


It is extremely important that the colors are correct. Red = Cut. Blue = Engraving.

WE REPEAT: Have you already read the page WHAT NOT TO DO?

DOUBTS? look at the examples of other files with their times and prices